Evening canoeing in the Tarn Gorges

Try this ! Unusual canoe trip at nightfall: evening canoeing, summer paradise for a magical moment.

Aqua Soleil Eau Canoe organises guided canoe kayak trips at sunset every wednesday in July and august

Every wednesday in July and August, Aqua Soleil Eau Canoe organises guided canoe-kayak trips at sunset, taking aproximately 2h00 from start till end. The night trip will make you experience unusual and unexpected atmospheres and sensations along the water.

The evening canoe kayak trip is the opportunity to discover the river from a completely new angle. Your guide, a qualified instructor, will tell you the history of the Tarn Gorges and will guide you in the observation of nature : you would happen to meet beavers, birds, insects that one only sees in the evening when the river and nature gain back their rights.

So botanists, lovers of wildlife and vegegtation, biodiversity and pictures : take out your cameras, open your eyes and listen….but shh, no noise !! The silence will carry you away and the show at night fall will fill you.

You might encounter the European beaver ; reintroduced in the eighties in the Tarn river, and regains since the main rivers from the Grands Causses regional natural Parc. The other, which had disappeared, is returning bit by bit to appropriate rivers, but his as always very discreet... The majority of birds in the Tarn Gorges, some of which are nocturnal, use the open environments of the Natura 2000 site as their hunting and breading area. All these species are closely linked to the pastoral activity on the Causses high platforms and especially on the pastures, remember that the Tarn Gorges site is classified as UNESCO World Heritage. Indeed, these activities also favor a whole universe of insects, forming the nutritional base for these bird species. Because all these species are part of a common heritage and participate in the global functioning of ecosystems, other species deserve our attention too such as the mouflon.

After a 2 hours descent, return to our base where your vehicles await.
Appointment at 19H00 at the Aqua Soleil Eau Canoé base at La Resclause hamlet in Mostuéjouls
Departure at 19H30 and return to the Aqua Soleil Eau Canoé base

The price included the rent of boat with life jacket, paddle, bogus waterproof) and coaching by a qualified instructor
Plan a windbreaker
Starting from 6 people


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